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Vegan Artisan Food & Drink handmade and cultured in Somerset.
Chease, Kombucha, Kimchi’s and Sauerkrauts

Empowering people to nourish their digestive system by creating delicious live food teaching fermentation skills.

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In short, Lucie is a fermentation geek who switched dairy for plants.

Born in St Martins Hospital Bath, she studied Biology and flourished into a successful cheesemaking career in Cornwall. Inspired by Rachel Demuth, Lucie started teaching fermentation workshops at Demuth’ s Cookery School.

Bath Culture House was born in 2016, selling bottles of Kombucha to independent health food shop Harvest, Bath. Now Bath Culture House supplies over 20 retailers in the South West with Kombucha, Vegan Chease (yes CHEASE), Kimchi and Sauerkrauts.

Lucie's dream was always to combine her inner geek with her love of cooking, producing tummy loving live foods.

She dreamed she could. So she did.

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food
— Hippocrates